What we do
Community-based freemium games
Genre agnostic
Multiplatform by design
Unity based portability
We're an independent development studio driven by the passion of making games. From early concept and design stages, production and tuning to deployment - we've been there, done that. Plenty of times over.


Dedalord is an independent studio founded in 2010 by former Three Melons employees who comprise some of the most experienced referents of videogame development in Argentina. Our goal is to create and successfully introduce new, noteworthy brands and intellectual property to the industry while expanding to both well established and emerging platforms.

Although we consider ourselves a daring, adventurous bunch in the world of digital entertainment, we take pride in our professionalism and quality standards. Our games are multi platform by design, our preferences are genre agnostic and our best revenue strategy is the freemium model.





Contact Us
We are open for business. Feel free to drop us a line or send your brief.