You got the name of the game wrong. It should be Snowboarding Fred!

… so?

What is a Mob Challenge?

Mob Challenges are massive cooperative missions that let you and your friends earn cool rewards! In each mission, a certain goal has to be achieved before the Challenge time runs out. Many special items can only be obtained from a Challenge!

Why are no Mob Challenges available right now?

Mob Challenges are time limited events (there are a few challenges a week) so you’ll have to make sure to check the game often to find out when the next one starts. Remember that in order to participate, Mob Challenges require you to be logged in to Facebook.

I can’t see anybody in the leaderboards!

That’s probably because you are not logged in to Facebook - make sure to log in to have access to Daily Rewards, Mob Challenges, Cheat Console Codes and Friend Leadeboards!

And don’t forget to invite your friends to play the game!

What is the “Console”?

Shh! Not so loud! The Cheats Console lets you unlock goodies of all sorts, including avatars, outfits and even special worlds!

Where can I find Cheat Codes?

Cheat Codes are time and use limited, and will only be published through Fred’s World Facebook fan page. There are never more than a couple of codes active, and those are very short lived! Make sure to check the page often to get loads of free goodies.

Why are some black items in the shop?

Ohhh, those. There are some items that are just too awesome to see the light of the day. Maybe they can be earned by beating a Mob Challenge... maybe you can unlock them with a Cheat Code from the fan page...

What’s that yellow bar on the right side of the screen I see while playing?

That’s the Adrenaline Multiplier! It increases your score up to x30 times! (depending on your level)

How does the Adrenaline Multiplier work?

To multiply your score, you need to raise your Adrenaline Multiplier Bar. The best way to do so, is to PLAY RECKLESSLY! Sprinting, getting trap near misses, triggering traps and hitting anyone on your will greatly increase your points.

How do I increase my Maximum Adrenaline Multiplier?

You need to level up! Leveling up is easy - simply complete your active missions and your Adrenaline Multiplier cap will be increased in no time!

What are those “Missions”?

In order to level up, you need to complete specific mini-challenges such as collect a certain number of coins, hit enemies, etc. Missions are very important to raise your Adrenaline Multiplier Cap! If you get stuck, you can always skip them, though.

What do I get if I sign in to Facebook?

Nothing much, aside from access to awesome Challenge Mobs, free goodies from the Cheats Console, Daily Rewards and competing with your friends!

How do the difficulty settings work?

As you level up, new difficulty modes will be unlocked. The harder the difficulty mode, the more points you’ll get.

Can I customize my character?

You can select your avatar and its outfit from the main menu by tapping on Play, and in-game from the pause menu (tap on the icon with the three horizontal lines). Remember that in order for your new gear to show up, you’ll need to restart your match!

How can I earn more Skullies?

The first thing you need to do is to upgrade your skills - the Skully Magnet, Treasure Finder and Skully Multiplier will make all the difference. Also, you can get extra Skullies by using Cheat Codes found on our Fan Page.

I want gems! Now!

Whoa there! Those are really tough to come by! You will find gems on Mystery Boxes, earn them by leveling up or even find them scattered on your way... and of course you can buy a pack and help us make more cool games!

My friends keeps bragging about their High Scores... how can I beat them?

Get to a high level and raise your Adrenaline Multiplier, get as many bonus points you can get and gather enough Gems to resurrect and extend your play!

Why isn’t there any blood on the game?! Without it, it’s not a real Fred game!

Oh, you like it messy don’t you? Gore and chunks can be activated from the Settings option at the Main Menu. You’ll find this is the new

Why are those hooded guys and crazy penguins trying to kill Fred?

Let’s just say, that Fred’s urge to stay alive makes him prone to social blunders... more on this soon!

How does weather affect the game?

Not much, if you don’t mind exploding meteors blowing you apart, lightings running 10 million volts through your skull, and an occasional condition zero blizzard chill. The severity of the weather depends on the game difficulty, and how long have you been sliding on the current match.